10 Dog Breeds Best Suited for Hot Weather (with pictures)

Do you live an area that is very warm throughout the year…such as the desert? Are you trying to determine what dog breeds can tolerate hot weather and warmer climates? Well, we did some research and we came up with a list of 10 dog breeds best suited for hot weather. What’s interesting is that there are some key physical characteristics of dogs that can tolerate the warm weather. Dogs that can stand warmer weather typically have the ability to pant easily, have less body weight/fat, and have a thinner coat.

  • Ability to pant easily is important because that is how dogs cool off. Dogs with flatter, squished faces (such as English bulldogs, French bulldogs, boxers, and pugs) have difficultly breathing due to their nose/face structure. This makes it difficult to pant and cool off. Therefore, these dogs do not do well well in hot climates.
  • Having less body weight/fat is important because extra weight keeps the dog warm. Therefore, some big dogs like Mastiffs may not do as well in hot climates.
  • Having a thinner coat is important because too thick of a coat or a double coat may overheat the dog in a hot climate. Therefore, dogs like Malamutes and Siberian Huskies may not do well in hot climates. However, dogs with really thin coats need to be protected from the sun. They are more susceptible to sunburn.

10 Dog Breeds Best Suited for Hot Weather

#1 The Greyhound

The Greyhound is a sprinter and is the fastest dog out there. However, they spend most of their time being a couch potato. The Greyhound has a short coat and almost no body fat. Therefore, it should do well in a warmer climate. In fact, this dog breed needs to be covered up if it rains or gets cold out. They shiver easily. Also, despite the Greyhound’s size, they actually can adapt to apartment life.

#2 The Whippet

The Whippet is very similar to the Greyhound. It too has little body fat and a short coat. Also, since its coat is thin, it needs to be protected from the sun.

#3 The Vizsla 

Like the Whippet and Greyhound, the Vizsla is a sighthound with a short coat. However, the Vizsla is a very high energy dog. It needs a ton of exercise. It can do well in a warmer environment.

#4 Australian Cattle Dog

Bred to herd cattle in Australia, these dogs can handle the heat. They are able to herd cattle across long distances of rough, hot terrain. These guys are great for active, outdoorsy owners.

#5  Chihuahua

Of the dog breeds best suited for hot weather, the Chihuahua is definitely one of the top ones. The breed originates from the hot climate of Mexico. These dogs are some of the smallest dog breeds on the planet.

#6 Labrador Retrievers

America’s most popular dog breed is the lab. The lab can thrive in both warm and cold environments! Therefore, these dogs make ideal pets for people living in areas that experience both cold winters and warm summers.

#7 Dalmatian

The Dalmatian is one of the most easily recognizable dog breeds out there. With a short coat and little body fat, the dalmatian loves warmer weather. Just be careful he doesn’t get sunburned!

#8 American Foxhound

The American Foxhound has a shorter coat, which helps it stay cooler in the hot weather. This dog needs a lot of exercise to stay happy and can be stubborn at times.

#9 Basenji

Originating out of Africa, this dog can take the heat. Also, known as a dog that doesn’t bark but rather yodels, this dog has a unique personality. It is highly intelligent but can be very stubborn too.

#10 Pharaoh Hound

Another dog from Africa, the Pharaoh hound is suited for the hot weather. He is an intelligent and affectionate dog. This dog is also known to blush and some owners can teach him to smile!


Although these are dog breeds best suited for hot weather, they are still susceptible to sunburn. To learn more about how to protect your dog from sunburn, read this article: Can Dogs Get Sunburn?

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