12 Dog Ear Shapes: What Shape is your Dog’s Ears?

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There are a dozen different dog ear shapes. Check out our list of different dog ear shapes and see which one matches your dog’s ears best!

12 Dog Ear Shapes

#1 Prick or Erect 

The prick ear shape (aka erect or upright ears) is very common in dogs. It is found in wild dogs (such as wolves) and in many dogs of the Northern Breed Group (i.e. Malamute, Samoyed, Siberian Husky). The main physical characteristics of prick ears are that they stand up straight and are pointed.

#2 Blunt or Round-Tipped

Humans used selective breeding to modify the prick ear shape into the blunt or round-tipped shape. The blunt shape is characterized by large, up-right ears with rounded tips. This is commonly seen in the French Bulldog.

#3 Bat Ears

The bat ears are similar to the blunt ear shape; however, they are larger in proportion. The Corgi and Chihuahua are known for this type of ear shape.

#4 Candle Flame Ears

This ear shape is found on the Toy Fox Terrier, the Manchester, and the Miniature Pinscher.

#5 Hooded Ear

Another variation of the prick ear is the Hooded Ear shape. What makes it different from the standard prick ear is that the Hooded Ear curves in on both sides. This makes the ear look like a hood. The Basenji has this ear shape.

#6 Drop or Pendant

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The drop or pendant ear is not found in wild dog breeds, but rather in domestic dogs. Drop ears hang low, and depending on breed, can vary in length and size. Basset hounds have drop ears.

#7 Folded

The folded ear are drop ears that hang in folds, instead of hanging flat. This shape is found in bloodhounds and spaniels.

#8 Filbert Shape

The Filbert shaped ear is unique to the Bedlington Terrier. It gets its name because it resembles the shape of the leaf of a Filbert tree.

#9 V-Shaped

The V-shaped ears are triangular drop ears. They are found on the Vizsla.

#10 Cocked

The cocked ear shape (aka semi-pricked ears) are a mix between pricked and pendant. Usually this shape looks like an upright ear that bends over slightly at the tip. This is seen in Border Collies and Pit Bulls.

#11 Button Ear

The Button Ear is found in the Jack Russell Terrier and Fox Terrier. These ears are semi-erect and fold forward. You typically cannot see the ear canal due to this forward fold.

#12 Rose Ear

The Rose Ear shape folds backwards instead of forwards. This ear shape is found in Greyhounds and Bulldogs.

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