6 Indoor Activities for Your Dog

All dogs need some mental and physical stimulation. This keeps them happy and healthy! However, the weather sure can be inconvenient when trying to keep your dog active! In the summer, you can have extremely hot days or even rainy days where it is practically flooding outside. So, how can you keep your dog active during such times? Here are six indoor activities for your dog!


Although not a substitute for outdoor exercise, treadmills can supplement a dog’s exercise needs—especially during bad weather. If you decide to use a treadmill, make sure the dog gets accustomed to it slowly. Don’t just make your dog leap into running.


There are countless games you can play with your dog indoors—tug of war, a game of fetch, hide and seek, and scavenger hunts. Not only are these games great physical exercise, but they provide great mental stimulation as well. Also, what’s great about all of these games is the fact that you can play with your dog and get some activity in yourself!

Teach New Commands

Has your dog mastered all of the basic obedience commands? Provide some refresher training to keep them sharp. Also, once your dog has a good grasp on basic obedience commands, you can start working on more advanced training that will help teach them manners and how to act appropriately in different situations. Some advanced training includes the following: off leash training, training at long distances between you and your dog, and hand signals training. All of this training will keep their minds sharp!

Indoor Obstacle Course

You can easily create an indoor obstacle course in your hallway or living room. You can even make the obstacles out of common household items. You can set up fun tunnels for your dog to crawl through by using chairs or a coffee table and blankets. You can also lay out toys or cones for them to weave through and set up a pile of blankets or towels to jump over. Teach them one obstacle at a time, and once they get the hang of each obstacle, they will be able to run through the whole course non-stop.

Doggie Play Date

If your dog already has some close doggie friends, invite them over for a play date. For their safety, keep an eye on them and make sure they are having fun and not fighting. Dogs have fun in play sessions by chasing each other, wrestling playfully, and play bowing. Also, dogs that are enjoying their play time with other dogs will engage in role-reversal, such as chase and then be chased and pounce and then be pounced on. These are signs that the play date is going well.

Take a Trip to a Pet Store

Even with all the fun activities you can do indoors with your dog, sometimes being cooped up can become boring. If unfavorable weather still persists, think about taking a trip to a pet store. Take your time walking up and down the aisles, that way your dog will get to explore and stretch his legs.

Dogs deserve a healthy body and mind. It’s important to keep their minds engaged and their bodies exercised–even during long periods of bad weather. These were just a few of the many indoor activities you can do with your dog. Not only are these indoor activities great for your dog, but they also help you and your dog bond!

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