8 Dog Breeds Most Commonly Found in Shelters

Millions of dogs unfortunately enter animal shelters every year. Many of these are of a mixed breed. However, some dog breeds are more commonly found in shelters than others. In this post, we’ll look at the data Petfinder collected on the types of dog breeds that enter shelters. By understanding what types of dogs are more likely to end up in a shelter and why they end up there, we can start to figure out ways to prevent these sad trends.

8 Dog Breeds Most Commonly Found in Shelters

#1 Pit Bull

The pit bull is a type of dog that includes the following breeds: American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bully, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Over 17,500 pit bulls are located in shelters throughout America. Unfortunately, due to over breeding and pit bull prejudices, many pit bulls end up in shelters. In fact, landlords and insurance companies have strong prejudices against these dogs which it makes it impossible for some people to keep their pit bulls. Also, because of misconceptions, some people fear pit bulls. This makes it less likely for these dogs to get adopted.

#2 Labrador Retriever

The Labrador retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in America. Due to its popularity, puppy mills are constantly pumping out more little lab puppies. This factory style breeding has led to a lot of homeless labs. In fact, over 15,000 labs are in shelters.

#3 Chihuahua

About 12,000 Chihuahuas are in shelters across America. Many Chihuahuas are somewhat high-maintenance, and many owners do not realize this when they first get them. Many owners get these dogs for their cute looks and small size, but don’t realize that they may be in way over their head. Like any dog, Chihuahuas need attention and when left alone for long periods, they can develop behavior problems and bark excessively.

#4 Boxers

According to Petfinder, over 5,000 Boxers are in shelters. This is mainly due to the fact that people do not realize how much exercise these dogs really need. Without proper exercise and training, these dogs become a handful and some owners give them up to shelters.

#5 Beagles

Over 4,00 Beagles ended up in shelters. Many families get a beagle because of its adorable looks. However, beagles can be stubborn and are prone to howling. They need proper training and a strong-minded owner. Without these, a beagle becomes difficult to manage.

#6 Dachshunds

Sadly, over 3,000 of these little guys ended up in shelters. The dachshund is strong willed and needs its owner to be a strong leader. Without proper training, these dogs can develop behavior problems. However, owners that are familiar with this breed and train it properly typically have no problems.

#7 Border Collie

Around 2,000 border collies are in shelters. They are one of the most intelligent dogs out there. However, some people do not realize the hard work and training that goes into developing a well-behaved border collie. Border collies are not only smart, but very active. Some owners do not realize how much exercise their border collies need, and unfortunately they give up the dog to the shelters.

#8 Jack Russell Terrier

You’ve got to love these cute little dogs, but the Jack Russell Terrier has a very active personality that can be difficult to keep up with. That’s why almost 2,000 of these dogs ended up in shelters. Many owners could not keep up with this little, energetic dog.

What to do with this information?

There seems to be two overarching reasons as to why many dogs end up in shelters: 1) over-breeding due to puppy mills and 2) people not aware of how much work is involved with taking care of a dog. To help battle puppy mills, adopt from shelters. If you don’t pay that mall pet store for the dog, then puppy mills can’t make money. And to help prevent dogs from entering shelters, make sure you are a responsible owner. Before adding a dog to your life, research the breed and inquiry about the dog’s personality. Know what you are getting yourself into. Make sure you are active enough for the dog, make sure you can devote enough time to the dog, and make sure you properly train the dog.

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