Babies Laughing Hysterically at Dogs (Video)

If you have a baby, like I have a few… you know that the gut busting laughter that erupts from a baby is irresistibly funny. You can try to resist. I even DARE you to resist it. It’s just too funny. I tried not to at least smile and watch this, but it’s next to impossible. So, go ahead, bust a gut watching babies laugh at dogs. You deserve it!

What makes a baby laugh at a dog? Is it the dog’s uncanny ability to be hilarious, quite possibly. Is it how ridiculous dogs really are and we just get used to them as time passes, probably. The only thing funnier than a baby laughing at a dog, is two babies laughing at a pack of corgi puppies.

Babies + Dogs + Laughter = Happiness

For all of you out there that don’t have babies yet. Know that the rare, beautiful, precious, unforgettable, magical moment when they are gut laughing is like the sun shining through after a torrential downpour. Raising babies is hard. Having dogs while you raise babies is even more difficult. Hence, when the babies laugh, YOU ARE IN HEAVEN.

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