Breed-Specific Rescue Groups: Want to Adopt a Specific Dog Breed?

Do you have your mind set on adopting a specific dog breed? Maybe you have your heart set on adopting a German Shepherd or a type of dog breed that’s difficult to find in a normal animal shelter. Well, there is no need to worry. There are many different organizations that are dedicated to rescuing specific breeds of dogs. Let’s take a look at breed-specific rescue groups in more detail!

Breed-Specific Rescue Groups

What are breed-specific rescue groups?

Breed-specific rescue groups are organizations dedicated to rescuing a specific dog breed. There are rescue groups for almost every kind of breed; however, some of the more common ones include groups that care for greyhounds, basset hounds, boxers, pit bulls, pugs, Great Danes, or German Shepherds. These breed-specific rescue groups are usually experts in the specific breed and can help you determine if a specific dog breed is right for you and your family.

Why do dogs end up in these rescue groups?

There are many reasons why these purebreds end up in breed-specific animal shelters. One common reason is that the previous owner underestimated the work and effort required to take care of the dog. Or, an unfortunate situation (such as a divorce) led to their owner giving them up. Also, dogs such as Greyhounds are used for racing, and when they retire, Greyhound rescue groups take them in.

Where to find a breed-specific rescue group?

The easiest way to start is to “google” the type of dog breed you desire and rescue groups for your local area. For example, if you are interested in adopting a German Shepard and live in Las Vegas, you should google “German Shepard Rescue Las Vegas.” Google will give you a list of rescue groups in your area. But what if there aren’t any rescue groups around you? Check out the American Kennel Club’s list of breed-specific rescue groups. 

German Shepherd

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Learning about the Rescue Group

You’ll want to know as much as possible about a specific rescue group before adopting from them. One great place to start this research is by going to Yelp or another review site. You can see what other people wrote about the rescue group to get an idea of how well the rescue group performs. Also, you should contact and visit the rescue group as well. Ask questions about the care they give their dogs and about how their organization works.

What to expect when adopting from a breed-specific rescue group?

Like most animal shelters, you will have to fill out an application to adopt. Then the rescue group will most likely schedule a visit to meet you at your home. These breed-specific groups are very passionate about their dogs and want to make sure you are the right fit. Also, the rescue group will be able to offer you specific information about the dog breed as well as specific information about each dog’s health, personality, and temperament.

Remember: Before Adopting Make Sure You Research the Dog Breed

Make sure you do your research. Some dog breeds typically need a lot of exercise and will develop behavioral problems if not exercised enough. Some dogs breeds thrive in an apartment setting, while others don’t. Check out the books below to help you find the right dog breed.

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