The Cave Corgis In Their Natural Habitat

Cave corgis are among the most rare species of corgi on the planet. They eat all kinds of bugs and typically attack from above, despite their small stature. They are known to hunt at night and oftentimes will hunt in packs, known as corgisplosions.

Despite being low to the ground, cave corgis can actually run up to 30 miles per hour and jump over ten feet gaps, commonly found in the canyon regions they inhabit. While corgisploding cave corgis will often howl at the sun. Scientists have confirmed that howling at the sun is 125 times more awesome than howling at the moon.


If you see one, stand still, and hope they can’t see you with their X-ray vision our hear you with their echolocation.


Do not approach the cave corgi, their bite strength is twice that of a male Tyrannosaurs Rex. Little known fact, the cave corgi and the T-Rex share a common ancestor, which is why their arms are so small.

T rex wishes he had corgi arms
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