The Dog Park Seen From the Dog’s Perspective

Ah, yes! The dog park. I LOVE THE DOG PARK. Who doesn’t dig the energy of the puppies, the people, the poo. Just kidding, we could do without the poo. THE POINT is that the dog park is an amazing place, but have you ever seen the dog park from the dog’s perspective? I certainly hadn’t until I saw this righteous video from Go Pro.

Why aren’t you at the dog park?

Hey you! Yeah you, internet surfer, master of the interwebs. Why don’t you get off your hind end and go to the dog park with your doggies. Just look into their beautiful, sad, longing eyes. They want you to take the to the dog park. Who are you to say they can’t go? Don’t be a monster.

a dog heading to the dog park

Photo by Almonroth

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