How to Dog Proof Your Home

Are you bringing a new dog or puppy into your home? As a responsible owner, you will need to dog proof your home! This will provide a safe environment for your new doggie. Not only will dog proofing your home keep your dog safe, but it will also keep your household items safe. Here are some instructions on how to dog proof specific rooms in your home.


Think about the cabinet under your kitchen sink. This space is usually home to cleaning supplies and other chemicals that are harmful to dogs. You can install childproof latches to keep dogs from getting in. Another thing to think about is the trash can. There are tons of nasty and toxic things that get put in there. Make sure you use a covered trash can. Or, you can even store the trash can in a latched cabinet. Finally, keep food out of your dog’s reach. Keeping food in a latched cabinet or in a pantry closet works great. Remember, the food itself may not be harmful to your dog, but the packaging could be.


Bathrooms are very similar to the kitchen situation. It is important to install childproof latches on bathroom cabinets and drawers, because this is where we like to keep cleaning supplies, razors, soap, and medicine. Also, remember to clean up after getting ready! Put away soaps, make up, cotton swabs and floss, as well as hair pins and jewelry. You do not want your dog swallowing these things. Additionally, (especially if you have a young puppy) it is a good idea to close the toilet seat lid. Little dogs and puppies could fall in and drown.

Living Room

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This room is often full of tempting items that dogs could chew up. We usually keep our favorite electronics (iPads, smartphones) here. Not only that, but we usually have lots of cords that plug into the wall from our TVs, sound systems, and lamps. Keep cords bundled up and tucked away. You can even put up blockades to keep your dog away from certain dangerous areas. Also, if you have plants in the house, check to see if they are poisonous to your dog. It is best to keep them out of the dog’s reach.


The garage is usually home to a lot of dangerous items—sharp tools, chemicals, paints, insecticides, fertilizers, and small, swallowable items like nails and screws. Make sure these items are either locked up or high on a shelf where your dog cannot reach them. Also, it is good to clean your garage floors to remove harmful chemicals that spill from your car.


Your bedroom is typically full of your favorite items—clothes, shoes, books, electronics, and jewelry. Keep accountability of your stuff—don’t leave these items laying around. Otherwise, your dog may make these items their new chew toys. This can be dangerous if your items have buttons or other small items that can be swallowed. Also, dogs are attracted to things that smell like you! Like your clothes! So, put dirty laundry in closed bins, and put away your clean laundry right after washing.

Along with dog proofing the house, there are many doggie items you will need to get for your new dog…read this very important article: Caring For A New Puppy – List Of Must Have Items!

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