Dogs Don’t Want A Bath (Video)

Ah yes, it’s bath time again! My dogs are totally fine taking baths. They do stink afterwards, which makes no sense… shouldn’t they smell better? Weird. Anyway, these dogs HATE baths for some reason I am incapable of understanding.

Rubber ducky, you’re the one. You make bath time lots of fun. Rubber ducky can you take over cleaning my dog, dog, doo doo be doo.

a dog in a towel after a bath

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So, why is it that some dogs just don’t like taking a bath? Turns out there are a few reasons that might be making bath time a problem.

Negative Association

They may have had a bath as a puppy and inhaled some water, or maybe the water was too cold, and now all baths seem like a nightmare.


If you think about it, the sound of a bath isn’t like a nice waterfall because waterfalls don’t start and stop at random. Maybe your dog doesn’t like the sound of the running water.


Sometimes dogs are too big or too small for a certain kind of bath and the fit just isn’t there.

Whatever the reason your doggie struggles with bath time, remember patience is key! And you can always try a shower instead! Good luck!




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