Dogs Playing Soccer that will Motivate You

Dogs can be athletes too! And some of them are better than us! Here is a compilation of dogs playing soccer and their advice on how to win. Who doesn’t love to see dogs playing soccer?

#1 Focus, Focus, Focus

Collie Playing Soccer

Look at that Collie’s dribbling technique! So focused! Photo Source

#2 Be Assertive

dog playing soccer

Look at that assertiveness! He’s going for the goal. Photo Source

#3 Dare to Jump

Aussie playing soccer

That Aussie has some jumping skill! She’s not afriad to soar to new heights! Photo Source

#4 You’re Never too Young to Start

puppy playing soccer

Even puppies can play soccer. Photo Source

#5 Don’t Forget to Smile

dog with soccer ball smiling

Even after a difficult game, don’t forget to smile! It’s all about having fun. Photo Source

#6 Be Proud

pug with soccer ball

Be proud of your skills and accomplishments! Photo Source

#7 Little Dogs Can Play Soccer Too!

dachshund playing soccer

Don’t let anyone say you’re too small to play some soccer and do what you love! Photo Source

#8 Don’t Give Your Opponents an Opportunity

husky with soccer ball

Protect the ball! Don’t let your opponents steal the ball! Photo Source

#9 Stay in Shape

dog running with ball

Exercise! You can’t win the game if you’re not in shape. Photo Source

#10 Practice Makes Perfect

lab wants to play soccer

Find a friend and practice! You only get better at something with practice! Photo Source

#11 Start Small, Aim Big

jack russell terrier with ball

Take baby steps. Mastering the small stuff builds a strong foundation for becoming a pro. Photo Source

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