Where To Get Puppies For Free

Looking for free puppies? We can’t blame you. Let us walk you through where you can get puppies for free, or next to free. We’ve compiled a list of adoption centers and websites that you can take a look at to find your next puppy. Now, adoption centers do charge a small adoption fee, but remember you are doing the world a most certainly a puppy a HUGE favor by adopting it! Dog adoption is a wonderful way to get a puppy for next to free and you can sleep well knowing you’ve done the right thing.

1. Petfinder.com

Petfinder.com has a great “find a pet” resource that can help you find puppies to adopt for next to free.

2. AdoptAPet.com

You can choose the age of your dog on Adopt A Pet’s site, which means you can search directly for puppies. Not too shabby!

3. Craigslist.com

Good ol’ Craigslist. There is a “Pet” section that will often have folks looking to give away their pets for free instead of giving them up for adoption. Always be wary of scams and try to meet in a public place when it comes to Craigslist as everyone on that site isn’t ethical.

4. Dog.RescueMe.org

With a map of the United States, Dog Rescue Me is a great resource to find a puppy to adopt regardless of which state you are in.

I hope this list helps you find that perfect puppy to adopt!

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