Killer Pit Bull Owner Considers Keeping The Dog


A pitbull killed Cindy Whisman in Madison and the dog’s owner isn’t sure if she wants the dog back.

The dog, named Polo, is currently waiting for an investigation by the County Sheriff. Cindy Whisman’s daughter, Julie Whisman owns the dog and wants to see the results of the investigation before she makes a decision.

Julie Whisman referred to her Mother as a “sweet woman who loved music”.

Julie claims that Polo had never showed any aggression towards anyone, including her family.

After a court hearing and a judge orger, it is possible that the family could receive the dog, if they choose not to keep the dog, it will be euthanized.

According to the 911 call, a woman can be heard screaming attempting to explain to dispatchers what was happening.

The neighbor, Wayne H. Walker, 79 upon seeing Cindy Whisman said he knew she “was dead right away”.

“It looked like it took a chunk of her throat out around the jugular.” he said.


Stories like this one, obviously tragic, raise many questions around ethics, how we treat dogs, and how we perceive breeds. Pit Bulls have a bad reputation to begin with and stories like this do not help that situation. Nonetheless, these events happen. So, what is the right call in a situation like this? Feel free to weigh in with Facebook comments to the bottom right, or WordPress comments below.


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