Pokémon Go for Dogs: Fashion and Help Shelter Dogs

Have you been caught up in the awesome Pokémon Go craze? Have you found yourself outside more and walking some extra miles each day trying to catch all the Pokémon? What about your dog? Have you been bringing him with to help you hunt those Pokémon characters? If you answered “yes,” then you are not alone! People all over the U.S. are taking their dogs on more walks because of Pokémon Go. That means more exercise for both you and your dog!

Help Shelter Dogs

Well, there is even better news! Your Pokémon adventure walks can now help local dog shelters. In fact, just by walking your dog, you can donate to your local shelter through the Walk for a Dog app. This Walk for a Dog app works in the background, so you can play Pokémon Go while it is running. It keeps track of your walks and donates money to an animal shelter of your choice.

Doggie Fashion

Is your dog ready for the Pokémon Go hunt? Check out this cool Pikachu costume. Could you see your dog rocking this?

Size small for dogs up to 12lbs, length: 9″, chest: 14″, neck: 9″ PETPAWJOY DOG COSTUME 1 CUTE PIKACHU DOG COSTUME Hoodie Dog Costume Yellow Warm Soft Coral Fleece Winter Dog Costume – Make Your Dog Special / Cute like a PIKACHU in Everyday life and in Halloween

For all other sizes: Dog Clothes Pikachu Jumpsuit 5 Sizes (S)

Size M for dogs up to 18lbs, length: 10″, chest: 16″, neck: 11″; size L for dogs up to 27lbs, length: 12″, chest: 18″, neck: 12″.

What about this T-shirt?


Or this bandana?

Stay Safe!

Remember keep an eye on your dog when you take him or her out for hunting Pokemon. Also, make sure it’s not too hot out!

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Sharing Helps Rescue Dogs
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