Overweight Dog? 5 Tips to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

Unfortunately, there is an epidemic of overweight dogs in America. Being overweight can cause life-threatening health problems for dogs. An overweight dog is more likely to develop diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and more. Therefore, keeping your dog at an ideal body weight is important for a long, healthy life. Just like in humans, an overweight dog is more likely to die earlier than a dog that is not overweight. So, how do you help your dog lose weight? Well for most dogs (and people), it starts with recognizing this important formula:

Weight loss starts when calories consumed are less than calories burned

Here are 5 tips that apply this formula and will help your dog lose weight. Continue reading

How to Get Rid of Dog Smell

Dog odor—it’s unavoidable. Even dog breeds that are typically odorless can leave behind a little bit of that doggie smell. However, some dogs are more prone to smell than others. Dogs that have heavier gland secretions, dogs that drool more, and dogs with droopy and loose skin folds/ears typically stink more than other dog breeds. For example, the basset hound, the Bloodhound, the mastiff, the bulldog, the Saint Bernard, and the Labrador retriever are all dogs that leave behind more of that dog smell. However, with proper grooming and cleaning, you can get rid of dog smell and odor. Here are 8 tips to get rid of dog smell. Continue reading