How to Keep Your Dog (and you) Happy in an Apartment

Life can get a little crowded when you introduce even a small dog into an apartment. Let’s admit it, most apartments are small, and even if it’s just you and your dog, life can get pretty cramped. However, despite the challenge of apartment living, we’re going to give you some tips on how to keep your dog happy in an apartment.

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First Aid Kits for Dogs: Are You Prepared to Save Your Dog?

Most of us have a first aid kit for ourselves. It is usually stuffed with bandages, gauze, pain killers, and antiseptic wipes. But do you have a first aid kit for the canines in your life? It’s important to have a first aid kit for dogs, because you never know when an emergency will arise and a human first aid kit will not be enough.

You can go out and purchase a first aid kit for dogs, or you can put one together yourself. Each dog is different, and creating a first aid kit specific to your dog’s needs is critical. Here is a list of important items that should be in all first aid kits for dogs. Continue reading