10 Awesome World Records Held by Dogs

Dogs can do some pretty amazing feats. Check out these 10 world records held by dogs! Some of them may surprise you!

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10 Awesome World Records Held by Dogs

#1 Tallest Dog Ever

To this date (9 Sept 2016), the dog to hold the world record for tallest dog is Zeus. Zeus was a Great Dane that stood 44 inches tall.

#2 Fastest Time for a Water Rescue Dog to Retrieve Person from Water (25 meter distance)

A Newfoundland named Jack the Black vom Muehlrad holds the world record time for retrieving a person from the water over a distance of 25 meters. His time was 1 minute and 36.812 seconds.

#3 First Dog to Detect Hypoglycemia in People

Armstrong, a golden retriever, is the first dog to detect hypoglycemia in people. This is a serious blood sugar problem for people with diabetes. This dog was the inspiration for the organization Dogs for Diabetics. This organization now trains and places diabetic alert dogs in homes with insulin-dependent diabetics to assist them in managing their insulin therapy. These dogs can smell chemical changes in diabetics and alert their owner prior to the onset of low blood sugar.

#4 Most Dog Tricks Performed in a Minute

A terrier named Smurf holds the world record for most tricks performed in one minute. This dog performed 32 tricks! What a talented dog!

#5 Oldest Dog

The oldest dog to this date is Bluey, an Australian cattle-dog. Bluey lived to be 29 years and 5 months. This is an incredible age for a dog. Most dogs live 8-15 years.

#6 Smallest Dog (Height)

The world record for smallest dog is held by a female Chihuahua named Milly. She measured 3.8 inches tall!

#7 Fastest Dog

The fastest dog breed is known to be the Greyhound. Over just a few strides these dogs can clock speeds over 43 mph. However, one of the fastest greyhounds out there is Fanta, who clocked a speed of 50.5 (81.3 kph) mph in 2013. Also, a 3-legged greyhound ran at 27 mph (44 kph)!

#8 Heaviest Dog

The heaviest dog was a St. Bernard who weighed over 350 pounds. His name was Benedictine and was recognized for his world record weight in 1981 by Guinness book of world records.

#9 Highest Jump by a Dog

The dog to jump the highest is Cinderella May, a greyhound. She jumped 68 inches (172.7 cm).

#10 Loudest Dog Bark

The loudest dog bark measured 113.1 dB. It was produced by a golden retriever named Charlie.

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