3 Incredible Things Dogs Can Sense About People

Dogs have a unique ability to sense their surroundings. They have super-sensitive noses and amazing hearing! Check out these 3 amazing things dogs can sense about people–even before these things happen!

3 Incredible Things Dogs Can Sense About People 

#1 Cancer

Dogs’ noses are so sensitive! They can smell cancer in its early stages. Cancerous tissues release different chemicals from normal tissues. There have been cases where dogs repeatedly sniff or lick at a cancerous area on an owner. Also, there are dogs who are trained at detecting cancer. A study conducted in 2013 showed that a dog trained in cancer scent detection correctly identified 97% of stool samples and 91% of breath samples from colon cancer patients.

#2 Diabetic Attacks (Low Blood Sugar)

Hypoglycemia is a serious low blood sugar problem for people with diabetes. It can cause people to collapse or even die. Often, diabetics are not even aware that they are about to have a drop in blood sugar. Some dogs have the ability to detect a change in blood sugar levels. A dog’s super-sensitive nose is able to smell chemical changes in a person’s breath and skin when a person has rapid changes in their blood sugar levels. Armstrong, a golden retriever, is the first dog to detect hypoglycemia in people. This dog was the inspiration for the organization Dogs for Diabetics. This organization now trains and places diabetic alert dogs in homes with insulin-dependent diabetics to assist them in managing their insulin therapy. When the dogs sense the chemical changes, they can alert their owner prior to the onset of very low blood sugar.

#3 Onset of a Seizure

Service dogs that help epilepsy patients are trained to respond to seizures as they are occurring. These dogs can activate a life alert system, retrieve help or a phone, and help a person up. However, some of these service dogs can sense that something is very wrong with their owner before the seizure actually occurs. Although these dogs cannot be trained to detect the onset of seizures, they seem to develop the ability after being paired with their owner for a year or so. Scientists are unsure why some dogs are able to detect seizures.

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