5 Unique Dog Traits (with pictures)

Some dogs have unique traits that are exclusively found only in their breed. Here are the 5 most unique dog traits we could find!

5 Unique Dog Traits

#1 The Harlequin Great Dane

The Harlequin dog coat pattern is unique to the Great Dane Breed. Great Danes with this coat pattern have a base color that is pure white with irregularly torn black patches.

#2 The Yodeling Basenji

The Basenji cannot bark like most dogs. Instead, due to its unusually shaped larynx, they make yodeling noises.  This yodel-like noise is called a “baroo.”

#3 The Bedlington Terrier’s Filbert Ear

Bedlington terrier unique ears

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The Bedlington Terrier is a unique dog breed itself. However, one unique trait it has is its ear shape. This ear shape is called the Filbert ear, and it is only found in the Bedlington Terrier.

#4 The 6 Toes of the Lundehund

Instead of the normal 4 toes, the Lundehund has 6 toes per paw. It is also extremely flexible, and its upright ears can be folded forward/backward for a near tight seal. These unique traits are ideal for hunting the birds in inaccessible nesting locations.

#5 The Loose Mats of the Bergamasco Shepherd

The Bergamasco Shepherd’s feature trait is its unique coat. Its coat is made up of 3 types of hair. The hair weaves together and creates flat layers of felted hair called flocks or loose mats. This type of coat protects the Bergamasco from weather and predators.

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