9 Interesting Facts about Puppies

Puppies are adorable, irresistible bundles of fur. Here are 9 interesting facts about puppies that you may not have known!

9 Interesting Facts about Puppies

#1 Out of all the five senses, puppies experience the sense of touch first

#2 Although it can very by breed, most puppies have 28 teeth, which will be replaced by 42 adult canine teeth

#3 Puppies are born with their eyes closed. They don’t open them until about 2 weeks of age

#4 Puppies don’t start walking until a few weeks after their birth. They can be clumsy when learning to walk.

#5 Puppies can start learning commands as soon as 8 weeks of age

#6 Newborn puppies need around 14 hours of sleep every day

#7 You can get a good idea of how big a puppy will get by looking at its paw size. Larger paws usually indicate that the puppy will grow to be big.

#8 If delivered by cesarean section and cleaned before being given back to the mother, the mother may reject her puppies

#9 Puppies are not born with the ability to smell. Scent glands develop a few weeks after birth.

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