All About Pugs: The Gentle Companion

The Pug is a wonderful dog. It is a playful and somewhat clownish dog, but at the same time can be quite charming. The Pug is easily recognizable by its adorable wrinkled face, and it wins over hearts easily. If you’re thinking about adding a pug to your life, read this blog post that is all about pugs!

All About Pugs

About the Pug’s History

Pugs can trace their history back to the ancient Chinese ruling families. The Pugs were bred to be the ruling family’s companions. They were highly valued by the Chinese Emperors. Eventually, the popularity of the Pug spread throughout China and some Buddhist monasteries kept Pugs as pets. In the 16th century, pugs were brought over to Europe and were enjoyed by the European ruling families. In the 19th century, Pugs became very popular under Queen Victoria, who had bred several of these dogs herself.

 About the Pug’s Appearance

The Pug has a wrinkly, short-muzzled face. It also has a curly tail. The Pug can come in a variety of colors, but black and fawn are the most common colors. It’s body is small, but sturdy. They also have smooth, glossy coats that are easy to groom.

About the Pug’s Temperament

Since they were bred to be companions, these dogs are affectionate and crave their owner’s attention. They will follow their owner around. They are rarely aggressive, but can be strong willed. Also, they usually get along with children and other people well. Additionally, pugs can do well in an apartment; however, they still need daily exercise to avoid weight gain.

About the Pug’s Health

Due to their short-muzzles, these dogs can have difficulty breathing and panting in high temperatures. This can be fatal if they are left in the heat too long. Also, due to their skull shape and eye location, their eyes are prone to injury. Additionally, hip dysplasia is thought to affect over half of pugs. Finally, it is important to know that pugs do enjoy taking naps. Pugs that sleep and sit a lot are prone to obesity, which can lead to further health problems.

Is a pug right for you?

Pugs are adorable and truly affectionate dogs, and they can do well in apartments. But are they right for you? Here are some important things to consider if you are thinking about adopting a pug:

  • They are known to make all sorts of noises–snoring, wheezing, and snorting.
  • They can be droolers.
  • They can have gassiness.
  • They can be stubborn and difficult to house break.
  • They shed, even though they have a short coat.
  • If you live in a hot environment, they may not do well outside.

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