Happiest Dog on Earth found in Las Vegas!

IG: @Super_Scooty

After months of waiting and thousands of entries, Solid Gold Dog Food has announced Scooty as the Happiest Dog on Earth.

Why is Scooty the Happiest Dog on Earth? Well for starters she always wears a huge smile on her face. Scooty doesn’t let anything stop her from being a healthy, happy, adventurous dog.

When Scooty was a pup she was hit by a car and left to drag herself till she was rescued by an organization in San Diego California. This organization posted her images online asking for donations for Scooty’s care but one amazing person (Scooty’s Mom Erica) saw her picture online and instantly fell in love. Scooty came to live with Erica and it was the start of a long rehabilitation process but short scoot into our hearts.

With a lot of care, love and patience Scooty’s wounds healed and she blossomed into The Happiest Dog on Earth.

Four years later, Scooty has overcome every vet’s expectations and rarely uses her wheelchair, continuing to improve every day. Scooty never gave up hope and her will to live is an inspiration to pets and humans alike. –Solid Gold

Check out Scooty’s Instagram by clicking here