Our Mission

What Every Dog DeservesWhat We Believe: At What Every Dog Deserves, we believe in helping the less fortunate dogs and puppies. We also believe in doing what we can to give every dog what they deserve. And what do these awesome furry friends deserve? They deserve to be happy. They deserve good homes, loving owners, and a healthy life.

How We Give: We support local dog shelters in Las Vegas and the Twin Cities by donating time, money, and much-need dog supplies. We also work hard to spread the word about shelter dogs and to educate others about how they can help dogs that are in need. We realize that not everyone can adopt a homeless dog, but there are certainly other ways to help this cause.

Why We Do It: We are dedicated to improving shelter dogs’ lives because of our own pets whom we love so much and have become our close family members. We have fostered and adopted shelter animals ourselves, and they have completely changed our lives. They inspire us to help other shelter animals!

Local Shelters We Currently Support: 

Hearts Alive Village Las Vegas

Contact Information: If you are interested in working with us, please let us know! Email kellen@senditrising.com.

Thank you!